About Us

About Us

Keeping a pet is not just about providing meals and taking it on a few occasional walks from time to time. It requires an all round effort just the way we take care of a child and probably more than that. Our dog care center is a one stop solution to all the needs of your furry pet. We have a highly dedicated team of experts who are motivated towards fulfilling every need of your pet. Apart from regular vaccination and check up, we are also equipped with an efficient day boarding facility for your dog. This way you won’t have to worry about your friend being alone when you are off to work. Here he can learn to socialize with other canine friends in a hygienic and safe environment. We also conduct stress free training sessions so as to improve their habits such as behavior in the company of strangers and different household articles. Our specialists make sure that it is in perfect health and therefore it is one less thing off your shoulder. After an entertaining day full of activities, we are sure your pet will have nothing to complain about when you meet him in the evening and will greet you with a smile.

Our vision

Our aim is to develop a place where pets feel at home when they are away from their owners. We know how difficult it is to leave a dog
without careful supervision. There always is a possibility of him getting hurt. We aspire to create a lovable space for your pet to stay as long as he needs to, a place where he can learn and enjoy at the same time in the company of humans and other canines.

Our mission

We believe that a pet is a family member and has every right to stay happy as anyone else. With small families it becomes important to
employ a regular pet-sitter to take care of the dog. In its place it would be more fruitful to leave him in a highly motivated space where he is given care and training by enthusiastic experts working full time in this direction.

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